• This is the end

    After almost 6 months I m back in my sweet old Normandy, I just finish my blog, that took about 3 months job combined all togethere on the last 3 years. But I heard when we love, we don t count.

    But for you, this is the most horrible thing to look at (it's already boring to watch the 2 weeks vacation of a friend of you so when it's about the 2.5 years of a guy by bike with an article everyday and about 30 pictures, it's a real torture).

    But, for me, once the blog saved, it will be a perfect summary of my trip (yep, I ve got 10 to 20 times more pics than I posted on the blog) which will help to write my book.

    Anyway, even if it was sometimes laborious, it's a pleasure to see again some articles posted 2 years ago. Specially the people I met on the way. I would like once again to warmly thanks them.

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